about the conference


The 5th International Conference (ICon) on Science Education and Teacher

Professional Development 2014

SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Science will conduct the Fifth International Conference on Science Education (ICon2014) in Solo from 25 – 28 September. The general aim of the conference is to share good practices in the field of innovative science learning processes, while promoting international collaboration among teachers, academics and researchers in science education.

For the second time the SEAMEO Science Teacher Award will be presented to the best secondary school science teachers in SEAMEO member countries, in the form of a travel grant to attend ICon 2014 and present their research projects and innovations.

At Icon2014 you will have the opportunity to discuss the main aspects and latest developments in Science Education.

All science teachers who have published science education research papers are invited to present at ICon 2014, by submitting an abstract, application form, and CV by  June 13 2014 at the latest to be selected by our independent selection panel.

Conference participation is also open for science teachers who are interested in joining the program. Self-supported participants int his category must arrange  their own accommodation, transport and program, and will be required to submit a poster and application form by the same date.

There will be two presentation modeswhich are Oral and Poster presentations (the non-award participants will only be required to deliver a poster presentation. There will be Workshops for all Icon 2014 participants delivered by international experts from various science education fields.